Yamazakura Japanese Blended Whisky


Golden color with amber reflections. On the nose notes Orange blossom, malt, cereals and subtle oak notes. In the mouth fruity with notes of caramelized almonds, biscuit, vanilla and smoked plums. Long finish with hints of orange marmalade and sweet spices. 40 ° / 70cl

Country / Japon / Sasanokawa Shuzo / Koriyama /Fukushima /



Yamazakura Japanese Blended Whisky elaborate in The Sasanokawa Shuzo distillery was founded in 1765 in Koriyama, near Lake Inawashiro in the Fukushima region (Japan).

Initially rice liqueurs, sake and shochu were prepared in it. Almost 200 years later, they decided to immerse themselves in the whiskey market in 1946, producing very high quality whiskeys and limited editions that are exported all over the world.

The Yamazakura takes its name from two Japanese symbols “Yama”, which means “mountain” and “Zakura”, which means cherry tree.

Japanese whiskey made from a combination of four carefully selected malt and grain whiskeys and aged in American oak barrels that have previously contained bourbon.


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