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  • Masahiro Okinawa Japanese Craft Gin


    The Masahiro gin is the first to come out of the tropical Japanese island of Okinawa.

    The distillery’s expertise lies in Awamori, Okinawa’s traditional spirit, making gin a new endeavour for the distillery.

    The botanicals include roselle hibiscus flowers, guava leaves, and Balinese long pepper, but the most interesting addition is goya, the green Okinawan bitter melon.

    The gin is also distilled in pots stills, as opposed to more traditional columns. At 47% ABV, it’s bursting with floral flavors, tropical f ruit, and green notes f rom the bitter melon.

    A succulent recipe, which you can not miss. Handmade in Japan.

    47º / 70cl

    Country / Japan / Okinawa / Awamori Distillers / Japan /


  • Masahiro Okinawa Japanese Craft Recipe 02 Gin


    “Recipe 2” has a different herbal flavor than “Recipe 01”. Preparation of a Gin Tonic or Gin Rickey to fully enjoy its aromatic and refreshing flavor.

    Ingredients: Awamori, citrus tankan (tankan), juniper berries, peppermint, aromaticus (cloves), alpinia zerumbet (moon peach), ginger, lemongrass.
    A succulent recipe that you cannot stop trying. Made by hand in Japan.

    What makes Masahiro Okinawa Japanese Craft Gin even more special is its slow process, which means that product stocks are minimal for our markets, hence it is so exclusive.

    47 ° / 70cl

    Country / Japan / Okinawa / Awamori Distillers / Japan /